City of Demopolis Implements Mobile Home Restrictions

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

An ordinance in Demopolis restricting mobile homes in the city limits — is creating a lot of chatter among residents — on social media.

Mobile homes will no longer be allowed to brought into the R-3 residential district of Demopolis.

“They never were permitted in R-1 districts and R-2. “But there still provisions in a R-4 agricultural district and a mobile home park,” said Julius Rembert.

Rembert says no one who currently lives in mobile homes in the district — will be displaced as a result of the ordinance, it only prevents new mobile homes from being brought in.

Wal Demopolismobile Pkg“It helps citizens sometimes into being home owners. Something that’s going to appreciate in value. We had concerns about some citizens not realizing that mobile homes are temporary. They don’t last like a custom home would last,” Rembert said.

Willie Basil owns a house in the Braswell Drive community of the R-3 district — and he supports the move.

Basil says his home is his greatest investment. And having a mobile homes located next to it — would bring down it’s value.

“A site built home appreciates in value if you take care of it. Well, with a mobile home, it’s not like that,” said Basil.

“When you set that mobile home down beside that home, as that mobile home depreciates so does the property next to it.”

Basil says the ordinance will benefit the city in the long run.

“Progressively raising the property tax of every piece of property in Demopolis. That raises the tax base for Demopolis. That’s nothing but good for Demopolis cause any time you raise the tax base, you increase the funding for the city itself,” he said.

The Demopolis City Council passed the ordinance unanimously — back in January.

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