COVID-19 in Alabama: Hospital Statistics for Friday, Sept. 10 Show Improvements


The Alabama Hospital Association has released statistics on the status of Alabama hospitals in treating people with COVID-19, which show some further improvement.

As of Friday, Sept. 10, the state has 1,547 staffed ICU beds, but 1,594 patients, which makes the shortage 47 beds. That compares to a shortage of 60 beds on Thursday, 68 beds on Wednesday, 59 on Tuesday, 181 on Monday and 109 last Friday.

51% of those in ICU have COVID-19. That is holding fairly steady from the 51% on Thursday, 53% on Wednesday, 51% on Tuesday, 52% on Monday and 53% last Friday.

Overall, there were 2,620 people in Alabama hospitals with COVID-19, 47 of them children. That shows continued improvement from Thursday, when there were 2,667 people in hospitals with COVID-19, 53 of them children. Wednesday, there were 2,724 people in hospitals with COVID-19, 54 of them children. Tuesday, the numbers were 2,776 and 52.

Among the adult patients, 83% are unvaccinated. Four percent are partially vaccinated, while 13% are fully vaccinated. These percentages have been roughly steady each day.


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