Former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard Seeks Early Release from Prison


Former Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard – Photo from Alabama Dept. of Corrections

Former House Speaker Mike Hubbard has apologized for his ethics conviction that he said hurt the state and his family as his attorney filed a request for early release after serving one year of a 28-month sentence.

In a Friday court filing, Hubbard’s attorney argued his sentence of over two years behind bars is out of line with punishments handed down to other officials.

In a letter to the judge, Hubbard apologized to the state for his conviction.

A jury in 2016 convicted Hubbard of violating the state ethics law, including using his public office for personal financial gain. When his appeals were exhausted, he reported for jail on September 11, 2020.

Ten days later, Hubbard asked that his then-four year sentence be reduced.  That request was granted in November 2020, when his sentence was reduced to the current 28 months.

Hubbard is being held in the Limestone Correctional Center, northwest of Huntsville.

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