3 Degree Guarantee: Prattville YMCA Coach-a-Child Gets $1,400 Check

AirNow Home Services and Alabama News Network are happy to provide yet another “3 Degree Guarantee” check to a local non-profit.

Together, we presented a check for $1,400 to Prattville YMCA’s Coach-a-Child.

The program provides scholarship money for families who otherwise couldn’t afford to take part in the Prattville YMCA’s wide variety of programs.

“This money goes to our scholarship fund, which allows us to provide opportunities for children and families who otherwise wouldn’t have that opportunity due to financial hardship, so this goes to bless a lot of people,” Keith Cantrell of the Prattville YMCA said.

AirNow Home Services and Alabama News Network each chip in $25 every day that our weather team gets Montgomery’s high temperature forecast right, within three degrees. The money adds up throughout the month, to produce a big check. Each month, we present a check to a different local non-profit.

The $1,400 we’re donating represents our team getting the high temperature right 28 out of 31 days!


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