Chappy’s Deli Wins Gold Retailer of the Year Award

A local restaurant, loved by the community, was awarded Monday September 13th for all they do for the River Region.

Chappy’s Deli was honored with the Gold Retailer of the Year award. The family owned business won this award, not just for their great food and

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service, but also with their huge support of local charities. The charities included are: “Hope Inspired Ministries,” “That’s My Child,” and “Breakfast for Babies.” Chappy’s Deli is 1 of 11 retail businesses being honored by the Alabama Retail Association as Retailers of the Year.

David Barranco, the owner of Chappy’s Deli, had this response to being given the award: “It is mind-blowing to get that and we never thought, never dreamed that would happen. Ya know, we got a staff that does serve with love and they just care. There’s so many stories I could just, that blow me away, I hear of our crew and that’s a lot of what does it and then our customer base and people who, when we really did need it the most came in and kept coming in and kept helping us.”

Chappy’s Deli has 5 locations: 3 in Montgomery and 1 each in Prattville and Auburn.

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