Clouds, Rain, And High Rain Chances Through Friday

Wednesday morning’s weather upped the ante when it came to the gloomy factor. A cloudy sky and widespread rain led to a dark gray sky, and nothing changed through midday. Rain remains widespread for the rest of the day and evening with a cloudy sky otherwise. The clouds and rain likely hold high temperatures to around 80° at best, but most locations remain in the 70s throughout the day. Times of rain continue overnight, but it won’t be raining everywhere at all times. Lows fall to around 70°.

Thursday begins cloudy with rain around our area again. However, the rain might be a bit more spotty early in the day. Despite that, showers and storms likely become widespread again by the afternoon. After that round of rain moves through our area, we could have a general lull in rain for Thursday night. While Friday may begin a bit less soggy, showers and some storms could be rather widespread at times later in the day. A few breaks of sunshine are possible Thursday. That means high temperatures could peak in the mid 80s for some. Some locations could be in the upper 80s Friday for the same reason.

Our weather pattern of high rain chances continues this weekend. It won’t be raining everywhere at all times, and not at all times of the day. But there’s a high chance that many locations in our area see rain at some point in the day both days. By the weekend, the rain may shift more towards a daytime shower and thunderstorm theme as per usual for summertime. Expect high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s.

Rain chances remain much higher than usual for mid September at the start of next week. They may lower a bit by next Wednesday, but it certainly looks like the rain chance still won’t be zero by that time.

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