3rd Annual Great Alabama 650 Race Began Over the Weekend

The 3rd Annual Great Alabama 650 Paddling Race is underway.

This 650 mile paddle race starts from the north Alabama and ends at the Gulf. Some of the competitors have already gone through the River Region on their 10 day journey.

Elite athletes from all over the world have competed in this race and it is known as the longest annual race in the world. Two recent Guinness World Record setters are contestants in the race this year.

“We wanted to help people recognize how much value our natural resources have for recreation and to see how significant and important our water ways were,” said Laura Gaddy, Media Manager for Great Alabama 650. “We thought what better way to highlight that than to have people come from across the country and even the world to experience paddling here.”

Currently, 13 competitors remain in the race and you can see a live map of the race in the link.

Some spectators will also be gathering at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma Tuesday September 21 to watch the racers as they pass by.

Great Alabama 650

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