Montgomery City Council Continues Fight For Better Safety At Apartment Complexes

Councilman Mitchell along with a few others have been tackling a safety issue at a number of apartment complexes for months. Some have cooperated while others have been a constant no-show.

Out of the 7 apartment complexes on the agenda 4 of them either had a business license pending or did not have one at all. This has caused major concerns for the city because these complexes were receiving high amounts of emergency calls and police responses due to crimes in the area. Councilman Mitchell is preparing to possibly take legal action against these complexes if they do not show improvement within the coming weeks.

Two apartment complexes who’s representatives did not show will be placed under a show cause hearing and they have to provide a plan of changes during the next city council meeting in order to continue their business. If any of the apartment complexes do not show improvement for their health and safety conditions, the council will potentially place them under injunction or revoke their licenses.

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