Alabama Leads Nation with Highest COVID Death Rates for the Last 2 Weeks

It was announced at the Alabama Department of Public Health presser that despite Alabama having a decline in hospitalizations, the state has had an increase in COVID related deaths.

State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris announced on Friday September 24 that Alabama currently leads the nation in COVID-19 death rates for the last 2 weeks.

In the last week alone, there have been over 1,000 COVID related deaths in the state. Dr. Scott Harris stated that this makes sense since Alabama is on of the top states with the lowest vaccination rates. Alabama is only ahead of 3 other states with low vaccination rates.

Dr. Harris also believes that Alabama is doing a terrible job when it comes to these deaths.

“These aren’t numbers or stats; these are our friends and our family and our loved ones,” stated Dr. Harris. “These are Alabamians who are dying of COVID. We continue to say, ya know, at least 90% of these deaths are completely preventable with vaccination. There is no reason that these people should have had to die. Vaccination prevents most hospitalization and most deaths.”

The state released new hospitalization numbers late Friday afternoon. They show we now have a surplus of 9 staffed ICU beds, but that number has been going up and down each day. On Thursday September 23, there was a shortage of 2 beds.

The Kick-COVID programs, which are vaccination and testing events at college football games, will be held at Samford, University of Alabama, and Auburn University during their respective games this coming weekend.

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