Local Pets Given Blessing at St. John’s Episcopal Church

Sunday’s are usually days where families go to church together, but what about your pets at home? Every year, a local church invites the community to bring their furry loved ones to be blessed by the church.

St. John’s church in downtown Montgomery continued one of their special events Sunday evening.Blessing Of The Animals

The Blessing of the Animals is an annual event St. John’s church does to personally bless each animal that is brought to the church. The Blessing of the Animals is also the day that the church celebrates St. Francis, who was a saint that had a special love for all of God’s creatures. Not only were dogs brought to be blessed but also cats and even the various animals at the petting zoo. St. John’s church also teamed up with the Montgomery Humane Society to bring adoptable pets to be blessed.

Sarah Collier, who is the Director of Children’s Christian Formation at St. John’s Episcopal Church, had this to say about the event.

“This is just a great way for the community, or anyone, you don’t have to be a member of St. John’s to come together and to show our love we have for all of the animals in our lives and the animals in the world,” stated Sarah.

All of the dogs brought by the Humane Society were available to adopt at the church after the service.

The Blessing of the Animals started at 5 pm and the church had a food truck on site for everyone to enjoy a meal at the event.

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