Alabama National Fair Adds ‘Money Machine’ for Guests to have a Chance to Win $1,000

The Alabama National Fair is just around the corner and they have a lot of new fun games for everyone to try. One of their newest attractions is the Money Machine.Screen Shot 2021 10 04 At 21624 Pm

Guests to the Alabama National Fair can step inside the Money Machine and have a chance to grab as much cash as they can in under 35 seconds. The Money Machine will be available to use by the public every day starting at 4 pm inside the Garrett Coliseum. Then, each night at 8 pm, 3 lucky people will be chosen to enter the Money Machine to have the chance to grab $1,000 in cash.

Terry Barber, the Director of Sales and Marketing for Alabama National Fair, stated some of the rules for guests to remember when wanting to enter the Money Machine. One of those rules for the Money Machine is that each participant must be 19 or older to enter.

“We don’t want you to trap it in the air,” stated Terry. “You can’t push it against the side, obviously you can’t pick it up off the floor when we’re done. So, you catch it in the air. You can stuff it in your pockets, you can stuff it in your shirt or whatever, but you can’t like take a jacket and put it out like this and just scoop it all up. So, the main thing is to have fun and grab the money in the air. All different denominations: ones, fives, tens, twenties, fifties, even hundreds are gonna be in there. A thousand dollars each time.”

To enter the 8 pm drawing, you will need to text the word MONEY to 78000.  Half an hour before the drawing, all participants will be given a new word to text each night to keep them in that evening’s contest.

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