Alabama Hospitals See Surplus in ICU Beds After Seeing -120 Last Month

As the Delta variant spread throughout the late summer, at one point Alabama hospitals were down -120 ICU beds. However, as of October 5, we now have a surplus of 107 beds.

“Before COVID we would have had about 25-30 percent of our ICU beds available, so the fact that we’re 10 percent is certainly better than we were, but its not back to normal,” Dr. Don Williamson Alabama Hospital Association president said.

29 percent of those in the ICU have COVID-19, which has been dropping steadily in recent weeks.

Williamson credited this to that fewer people are being diagnosed with the delta variant, hospitals are aggressively using monoclonal antibodies treatments, and, unfortunately, because people have died from the virus.

32 percent of all deaths that occurred due to the coronavirus this year took place since August 12.

“I think at this point we can’t declare victory over COVID,” Williamson said. “I think that we need to be aware that COVID will, if given an opportunity, find a way to occur (spike) again.”

Right now over 80 percent of adults in the hospital with COVID-19 are not fully vaccinated. Williamson believes the cure to beating the next spike that may come is building up the biggest wall of immunity that we can through vaccines before it strikes.

“We would have had a smaller spike (during the summer) and fewer deaths than we did,” Williamson said. “We missed that window. I just hope we don’t miss that window again.”

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