Pay It Forward: Frederick Jennings of Montgomery


Frederick Jennings is a deacon at Hutchinson Missionary Baptist Church. At 81-years-old he is still going strong to help to serve those in need.

Each month, you can see Jennings loading and unloading trucks from the food bank and delivering meals. He has been helping First Christian Church with their food ministry for years.

“We have over 100 and something people that come by and pick up their food, real food, that need it. The poor and anybody that needs food. I really enjoy it,” said Jennings.

Mr. Jennings also serves as a deacon at Hutchinson Missionary Baptist Church.
And he is known for his servant’s heart.

“About one year ago we started to really push the food giveaways and he was one of the first to say, ‘Pastor, whatever I can do to be a part of the effort, I’ll do it,'” said Pastor Courtney Meadows.

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