COVID-19 in Alabama: Hospitalization Numbers for Wednesday, Oct. 6 Show Continued Drop in Cases


The Alabama Hospital Association has released its daily statistics on the status of Alabama hospitals in treating people with COVID-19. The number of cases continues to fall.

Overall as of Wednesday, October 6, there are 1,084 people in Alabama hospitals with COVID-19, 23 of them children. That number is down from 1,145 and 23 on Tuesday. A week ago, the numbers were  1,382 and 33.

The updated numbers show there are 1,517 staffed ICU beds in the state and 1,385 ICU patients, making the surplus of ICU beds 132. The surplus was 107 beds on Tuesday and 13 beds one week ago.

29% of those in ICU have COVID-19, which has been dropping steadily in recent weeks.

79% of adults in the hospital are unvaccinated. Three percent are partially vaccinated, while 18% are fully vaccinated. The percentage of those who are fully vaccinated yet in the hospital has grown slightly in recent days, though it was 19% on Tuesday.


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