Local Fire Departments In Need of Volunteers, Shortage Nation Wide

All around the nation several restaurants, boutiques, and other different type of companies dealing with worker shortages. Now, there’s a shortage that could be a difference in life or death.

In numerous fire departments across the nation, volunteer numbers are declining.

“It’s getting to where were having to beg people,” said Bradly Medley with the North Montgomery Volunteer Fire Department, “saying ‘hey we need you to show up we need y’all to come on these calls,’ we cant fight fire with 3 people.”

Medley who’s been a firefighter for over 10 years says he’s never seen a shortage like this. He says the pandemic is one of the biggest factors in why there is a shortage, but says its also due to misconceptions.

Brandon Cardwell, Fire Chief with the Elmore Co. Volunteer Fire Dept. says in order to qualify to volunteer with a fire dept. you need to be 18 years of age, and can volunteer in many different ways.

“We can use help with people who just hand out water on the scenes,” said Cardwell, “people who only want to drive trucks, all the way up to people who want to go inside the houses and fight fires.”

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