What the Tech? App of the Day: Noted


With more people working from home than ever before, we’re doing online meetings, online classes and distance learning for personal reasons. If you’re trying to take notes, save them and keep them organized, an app called “Noted” may be just what you’re looking for.

Noted is an app for iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. It’s best feature is quickly recording audio by tapping a button.

What you record is added to a notebook you create. You can add other things to that notebook such as text, images, pdf documents.

In an online meeting? You can record the conversation, as well as have it dictated and saved in the note. Everything is searchable and everything has a timestamp.

I especially like using tags. Want to quickly find an important part of your meeting, just tap the tag and you’ll be able to locate the most useful information. You can pre-set tags with certain topics or thoughts you’d like to save for later and add those to the note with a quick tap of the screen.

If you take notes in a classroom or conference with overhead projections, you can snap a photo of the screen and save it in the notebook or you can scan the text on the screen to input it in the notebook as text rather than a photo. That allows you to search through a notebook for that information and is also easier to share with someone through a message.

If you prefer taking notes with an Apple pencil, you can do that too and it translates what you write to text. I found that your handwriting needs to be pretty good for Noted to accurately enter what you write.

There’s also an app for the Apple Watch which comes in handy if you come up with a great idea and you have no pen and paper at hand. Just tap a red button on your watch to begin recording.

You can go back and organize those recordings when you have your phone, tablet or Mac. Many of the features are included in other apps such as Evernote, Google Docs and Simplenote. But if you’re unhappy with any of those, take note, this app could be what you’re looking for.

Noted is only for iOS and macOS, sorry Android users. A subscription is also required that’s either $3.49/mo or $24.99 for a year. The note-taking app you have may be plenty for most users but if you take a lot of notes for class or work, Noted is worth a look. There’s a 1-week free trial.


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