Raggedy Roads Vex Wilcox Co. Residents in Peachtree Community

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Raggedy road conditions — have some people in one Wilcox County community — fed up.

“We want our roads fixed. Man, we got holes in the road you basically have to slow down to nothing when you going on these roads because you don’t want to tear nothing up on your car.”

Chad Welch lives on Church Street Road in Lower Peachtree.

He says it’s one of several roads in the community that are in bad shape. And they’ve been that way for years. And people in the community — are sick of it.

Wal Wilcoxroads Pkg“We fed up with it! We want something done! Two and three years we been asking to get our roads fixed — but they don’t want to come out and fix our roads. And we pay taxes just like everybody else do,” Welch said.

Bill Albritton is the chairman of the Wilcox County Commission.

“It’s not that someone else is getting preference over them. It’s just a fact of, you can find those same problems all over the county.”

Albritton says the county has hundreds of miles of roads to maintain — and limited resources. So, it has to prioritize — and determine which roads need the most immediate attention.

Albritton says the county is making slow but steady progress improving roads.

“It’s slow progress but it’s progress,” he said.

“We do our best to keep things evened out and not to concentrate in one area more than another. But our priority again is going to be safety. And we’re going to go to those places that need the most attention first.”

Chairman Albritton says the commission is working on a plan to use Rebuild Alabama funds — to help improve road conditions around the county.

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