COVID Cases at Camden Elementary School Sparks Concern

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A group of parents in Wilcox County is raising concerns about the safety at a Camden elementary school due to COVID-19.

J. E. Hobbs Elementary School in Camden was shut down for two days last week — due to positive COVID cases.

The school was cleaned and sanitized — but some parents remain concerned — about the health and safety of their children.

“If they clean the school and kids are still going back and getting these COVIDs then it’s still not working cleaning the school,” said Ashley Jowers.

Wal CamdenschoolcovidMarcus Lennon is the Chief School Financial Officer with Wilcox County Schools.

“Right now what I can tell you — is that the school system, we are following CDC guidelines. We’re doing everything we can to try and keep the kids safe at the schools and keep it mitigated. We’re also putting a lot of resources into that as well,” said Lennon.

Still, Ashley Westry says she’s worried that she may be putting her child’s life at risk — by sending him to school.

“My baby has asthma, chronic asthma. He have a lung disorder,” Westry said.

The other parents in the group say their children have medical conditions as well.

They say a virtual learning option — would solve the problem — but so far — school officials haven’t provided that as an option. Even though last year — the entire school year was done virtually.

“I’d rather, you know, have my child in good condition at home learning than to be put at risk learning at school and could possibly be dead and something happen,” said Jowers.

“All I want is the option for virtual. That’s all my main concern is.”

The Wilcox County School Board will hold it’s monthly meeting virtually — Thursday night at 5.

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