Local Breast Cancer Survivor Receives Tickled Pink Makeover in Honor of her Journey

As part of Alabama News Network’s Tickled Pink, a Deatsville woman who won her fight against cancer in 2019, was awarded a full makeover in honor of her battle with the disease.

Carrie Ward, found out she had cancer in 2018 after spending two year caring for her husband who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016.

“I got a phone call saying ‘Hey Carrie it’s not just a lump in your breast its not just paget’s disease, it’s triple negative breast cancer in addition to the pagets disease,” said Ward.

Now two years later, and a battle won against cancer, Ward received a makeover of a lifetime.

She started off the week getting a skin treatment from River Region Dermatology. Then receiving a new outfit and shoes from The Market Shoppes in Wetumpka.

Later on in the week she got a new hairdo with six inches cut off and styled at Doug’s 2 Salon. Topping off everything with a full face makeover from Bella Montgomery.

“While I lost everything I had as a woman, some of its come back,” said Ward, “I don’t quite look as anatomically correct as I did before, but that’s okay I’m still here and I’m able to help people and I’m able to fight the battle.”

Ward says for moments in her journey she didn’t know if she’d make it to today, but is humbled to be here now.

“I’m so humble, I don’t want to mess up my makeup,” said Ward as she wiped away tears, “But I’m so humbled to still be here and be able to talk to people and encourage people.”

This makeover is part of Alabama News Network’s Tickled Pink event, which raises money for the Joy to Life Foundation and the fight against breast cancer.

*Special thanks to Doug’s 2 Salon, Bella Montgomery, River Region Dermatology, and The Market Shoppes in Wetumpka*



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