Local School System Continues to Adapt to Put Food On Kids’ Plates

For weeks, school systems across the nation have been dealing with food shortages and as days after days go by where distribution trucks just don’t show up, the Elmore County Child Nutrition Program is finding alternative ways to put food on students’ plates.

Cacyce Davis Elmore County Child Nutrition Program Director said that simply asking children to bring their own food won’t fix the problem. It will actually make it worse by creating shortages at local grocery stores. So, they’re having to thinking outside the box to find new ways to bring in food.

The school system has established a new partnership with Trane Technologies and Thermo King in getting storage freezers. The company ramped up freezer production for vaccines this past year but ended up having extra stock. They saw the need in Elmore County schools and reached out to offer a solution.

“Now we’re able to bring in food directly from manufacturers and store more food so that we can distribute it out to our 14 cafeterias,” Davis said. “We don’t have to worry so much that our distributers are having delays. Its just a great back-up plan.”

However, Davis believes that they could have all the freezers in the world but none of their work would be possible it it weren’t for the Elmore County Child Nutrition staff.

“A big part of this story is our team. They have been willing to adjust, be flexible, respond, and do whatever is needed. They love our students, they love our community, and they go above and beyond every single day.”

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