Parenting Your Parents: Age in Place with Answered Prayer Homecare Services

By: Lillian Lalo

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (Alabama News Network) – If you have aging parents, knowing if or when to send your loved one to an assisted living facility can be a difficult decision. Luckily, there is an in-between option that allows seniors to age in place longer. Answered Prayer Homecare Services are a “helping hand when you need one.”


Meghan Liveoak, the Answered Prayer Homecare Administrator, said that “everybody, whatever your beliefs are, can use an answered prayer.”


Since 2011, Answered Prayer Home Care has served as a locally owned home care agency. Caregivers like JoAnn Howard are dedicated to offering trusted in-home care services.


“It will be going on two years that (Shirley Bryan and I) have been a team and I have enjoyed being with her,” said Howard.


Liveoak explained that Answered Prayer is what many people call a sitter service. “Families will contract with us to help with daily living activities such as; bathing, dressing, grooming, grocery store shopping, doctors appointments, etc. our staff can come in and help people,” said Liveoak.


Liveoak recommends building a relationship with Answered Prayer caregivers as soon as you start to notice your loved one not being able to care for themselves as well as they once could.


“When mom starts not being able to drive as well. Or you start noticing expired food in her refrigerator, that kind of thing. That is a good time to go ahead and start a relationship with an agency. For example, you may need someone to come in one day a week to take mom to the grocery store, and help her run her errands, and check her refrigerator and pantry, and maybe change the linens on her bed,” Liveoak said. “We can start small so that, as we age, you have already developed a relationship with an agency and a caregiver so that when you need more care, you already know the people who are coming in.”


If you have the option, Liveoak recommends choosing a locally owned caregiving service in your area.


“We are not tied to some franchise that tells us what we can and cannot do. When you have those great relationships, you always get better care,” said Liveoak.


Shirley Bryan, who receives care from Howard, said she is “as caring as my mother was for me. And that hits my heart because I can trust JoAnn.”


Howard said she loved her job. “ I love all the people who work for Answered Prayer.

They are different because they are kind and loving. Answered Prayer is a great place to work,”

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