Vandalism in Prattville Over the Weekend

The city of Prattville is dealing with some vandalism as they get ready for the 3rd annual parade of pumpkins.

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The incident happened over the weekend in the downtown area of Prattville, where someone vandalized an alley way, destroyed some crops needed for the events and even threw a pumpkin in the water by the mill. Officials say that they do have a person of interest in mind and there is an ongoing investigation.

Despite the damages, the parade of pumpkins events have not been affected and the city of Prattville  plans to have events all month long. The mayor encourages people to ‘see something, say something’ if they witness any further acts of vandalism.

The Parade of Pumpkin’s Events begin this week, click here for more information.

*Photos of the vandalism provided by the City of Prattville


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