Alabamians Can Drop Off their Expired or Unused Prescription Drugs for ‘National Drug Take Back Day’

October 23 is National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. The American Medical Association found that Alabama physicians have reduced the number of opioid prescriptions by 38% since 2011, with the number of opioid prescriptions in Alabama dropping for 7 consecutive years.Screen Shot 2021 10 20 At 44844 Pm

Alabama physicians and pharmacists have partnered up to encourage Alabamians to safely dispose of their expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs. For National Drug Take Back Day, the public can safely dispose of their prescription medications at special collection sites throughout the state. Excess and unneeded prescription medications that remain in your home can lead to theft, misuse, and abuse. Prescription medication that are taken to collection sites can never be abused or end up accidentally poisoning or causing an overdose.

District Attorney Daryl Bailey knows all too well about the huge amount of home break-ins for prescription drugs.

“This is an extremely important event to our local, state, and federal law enforcement for a couple of reasons,” stated Bailey. “One is, as district attorney, I’m well aware that we have many homes that are broken into across Montgomery and across the state everyday. And of the top things that people are looking for when they break into these homes are prescription drugs; that’s one of the first things they go for is the medicine cabinets.”

You can take your unwanted or unused prescription drugs to any Drug Take Back location in your area from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday October 23 and all Drug Take Back locations can be located here.

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