CACC Expands to Larger Campus, Adds More Opportunities for Students

Central Alabama Community College (CACC) will now be expanding its campus to a much larger location.

Thanks to the Prattville City Council and Autauga County Commission who, combined, contributed $4 million dollars to the college for its expansion.

The current campus in the Pratt Mill’s Shopping Center, and has about 200 students attending.

With its expansion, the new campus will be at, what is now, the East Memorial Baptist Church.

“We wanted a location where a building was already built, and it was just the perfect place,” said Jeff Lynn, President of CACC.

The building is 50,000 square feet and the entire property covers 125 acres.

With the move, the college plans to start a LPN program for its students interested in going into the healthcare career field.

“Were going to be bringing in a lot of workforce programs that we currently can’t do in that area that we’re at because its so small,” said Lynn, “plus increase our academic programs.”

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