City of Montgomery is Continuing Plans for Renovating Garrett Coliseum

City officials met Thursday with plans for renovating and improving the Garrett Coliseum.  The coliseum is over 75 years old there are some major changes that need to be done.

Phase one of the renovations for the Garrett Coliseum include fixing the lighting and plumbing problems that the arena has and bringing in HVAC units for air conditioning.

Additionally, the city is also looking to make improvements to the coliseum so it can be a place that hosts more sporting events and concerts.

“The plan we just got from the consultants just says that you need to work on getting sports and having concerts here and so those are people who are big and working with bigger arenas than this one and they are saying fix this thing up and your going to do really well with it.” – Charles Jinright

Officials are looking to fix the roof, change the glass windows, provide additional concessions and even add locker rooms to the arena. The plan is to begin work within the next year and potentially have the final project completed by the fall of 2023.

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