MANE Hosts 13th Annual ‘Raise the Roof’ Fundraiser

A local non-profit held their 13th annual seafood fundraiser event Thursday evening.

The Montgomery Area Nontraditional Equestrians, or MANE, had their ‘Raise the Roof’ fundraising event. MANE has been hosting this fundraiserScreen Shot 2021 10 21 At 73307 Pm since 2008 and have had many businesses help sponsor this event. Guests were able to come and enjoy a seafood dinner while meeting some of the horses that are used in the therapeutic lessons.

Mane’s Associate Director Abby Houchin described what guests will  experience at the fundraiser.

“Trotline, the band, is here playing all night and they’re fantastic,” stated Abby. “Wintzell’s comes and grills their seafood fresh on site for us and then we’ve got all the main horses up in the barn for you to see, sponsor, love on; and they’re really unique. We’ve got everything from big Quarter horses and Thoroughbreds to little bitty ponies and everything in between.”

All proceeds from the event will go back to MANE for horse maintenance and upkeep on accessibility for their students.

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