COVID-19 in Alabama: Hospitalizations Falling to Near 500


The Alabama Hospital Association has released its daily statistics on the status of Alabama hospitals in treating people with COVID-19. The number of people in Alabama hospitals with COVID-19 is now getting close to falling below 500.

As of Friday, October 22, there are 537 people in Alabama hospitals with COVID-19, 11 of them children. On Thursday, the numbers were 574 and 13. A week ago, they were 716 and 19. The numbers have been dropping every day for the past several weeks, though the number of children hospitalized sometimes has a small rise before taking another fall.

There are 1,528 staffed ICU beds in the state and 1,339 ICU patients. The ICU bed surplus is 189, compared to 197 on Thursday. A week ago, the surplus was 166. This number has fluctuated slightly day-to-day, but overall, the surplus of beds is growing.

The percentage of patients in ICU with COVID-19 is 14%.

78% of adults in the hospital are unvaccinated. Three percent are partially vaccinated, while 19% are fully vaccinated.


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