Montgomery Zoo on How They’ve Survived Financially in the Pandemic

“Our zoo is mostly funded by people who come here everyday,” says Steven Pierce, program services manager at the Montgomery Zoo.

With a business that is primarily based outdoors, Pierce says they’ve been able to keep the zoo up and running by people coming to enjoy their outside time.

“During the pandemic all of us kind of felt that desire to get out because you were isolated, you were home,” says Pierce, “you were quarantined so this [zoo] gave you the opportunity to get out and about.”

The zoo, has had to cancel some events, including one of their biggest annual events, Zoobilation, which raised money for a new Reptile exhibit.

“We’ve had to cancel the last two years so that means funds were not coming in for it,” says Pierce.

The zoo will be hosting a Carwash and Tailgate on Saturday, Oct. 23, to help fund the Montgomery Zoo Conservation Endowment Fund, that will help animals in Montgomery and around the globe.

Pierce says though they have enough volunteers for Saturday’s event, they want more people from the community to volunteer at the zoo, because it’s important they know the zoo is also theirs.

“We want people to take ownership for our zoo, because our zoo belongs to the community, not just the region.”

For more information on how you can volunteer, visit here.

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