COVID-19 in Alabama: ICU Bed Surplus Passes 200 Mark


The Alabama Hospital Association has released its daily statistics on the status of Alabama hospitals in treating people with COVID-19. The surplus of ICU beds has now exceeded the 200 mark for the first time in months.

As of Monday, October 25, there are 1,517 staffed ICU beds in the state, compared to 1,293 ICU patients. That makes the staffed ICU bed surplus 224.  The surplus had been 189 on Friday and 179 a week ago.

The percentage of people in ICU with COVID-19 remains 14%.

Overall, the number of people in Alabama hospitals with COVID-19 is getting closer to falling below 500.

There are 503 people in Alabama hospitals with COVID-19, 7 of them children. On Friday, the numbers were 537 and 11. A week ago, they were 696 and 16.

78% of adults in the hospital are unvaccinated. Three percent are partially vaccinated, while 19% are fully vaccinated.


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