D.A. Joins Mayor Steven Reed to Support Erasing Claudette Colvin’s Arrest Record

Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey says he supports the efforts of Mayor Steven Reed to erase the arrest record of Claudette Colvin.

Months before Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her city bus seat to a white person in 1955, Colvin also refused to give up her seat, and is considered a civil rights pioneer. She was 15 years old at the time.

Bailey, Reed and others appeared at a news conference Tuesday to show their support for Colvin, who was also there. She is 82 years old.

“I was not going to move that day,” Colvin said. “I told them that history had me glued to the seat. You just have to inspire the people that you know, to keep on pushing and keep the struggle going because it is not over,” she said.

Bailey said while Colvin may not be as well known as Parks and others in the civil rights movement, she deserves her place of honor.

“Claudette Colvin’s bravery and sense of justice defied her 15 years of youth when she made a stand for equality nine months prior to Mrs. Parks’ arrest, which gave rise to the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Ms. Colvin’s valiant defiance led to her arrest and placement on probation. Her actions back in March of 1955 were conscientious, not criminal. Inspired, not illegal. They should have led to praise, not prosecution,” he said.

Colvin’s attorneys have filed a request with the courts to have her records erased.



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