Food Giveaways to Run Weekly in Selma Through the Holidays

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Families in the Selma-Dallas County area are getting a helping hand putting food on the table during the holidays.

The Son Light Center and Gospel Tabernacle Church are planning to hold food giveaways every week in the community — from now through the holidays.

The need for food the COVID-19 pandemic has caused — hasn’t gone away.

“In fact, there’s a food insecurity now almost as bad as it was in the middle of the pandemic,” said Rev. John Grayson.

Hundreds of people lined up in the parking lot at Bloch Park in Selma.

Then volunteers from around the community loaded up their vehicles — with all kinds of food — as they drove through.

“It means a lot to me cause I’m on a fixed income. I’m older and on a fixed income and we just really appreciate what they do,” said Marie Bearden.

“You can take the money you would usually buy food for and use the food that we’re giving you. It could actually help supplement your income that you have,” said Grayson.

“Right. You can buy other things you need,” said Haddie Shelton.

“Maybe you need a pair of shoes. Or you might need to pay your light bill. It really helps out.”

People were happy to get the food. And even happier to find out that the giveaways would continue every week through the holiday season.

“We want to make sure that every family has food on their table for Thanksgiving and Christmas and throughout the holiday season,” Grayson said.

The giveaways will be held at Bloch Park each Tuesday — from 10 am to 12 noon.

For more information call (334) 505-9063.

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