Ad Hoc Committee Proposes New Animal Ordinance For Montgomery

A committee made up of Montgomery city council members, as well as, officials from the Montgomery Humane Society, Montgomery Police Department, and Animal Control met with the public to propose an updated animal ordinance for the city.

After hearing complaints from neighborhoods in multiple city council members’ districts about illegal breeding, as well as, loose and vicious dogs , council member Marche Johnson decided to look into the current animal ordinance. For about three months she met with animal control, MPD, and the humane society to come up with a solution before introducing it to the community in this meeting.

The proposed ordinance includes that:

  • business licenses for breeding more than one litter will go from $20 to $150
  • animal situations be put it in the humane society’s hands, instead of how it has historically been left to MPD
  • police officers and animal control personnel can forcefully enter any vehicle where an animal is left unattended
  • microchips are required for every pet

Additional modifications were made to the verbiage of the ordinance, as well as, what defines vicious animal and animal cruelty situations.

“A lot of the big organizations for animals were here today, and we wanted to hear their input because what we didn’t want to do is pass an ordinance without the community support,” Johnson said.

The next step is for the committee to gather internally to make adjustments from the meeting, and then put it on the agenda for a council meeting.

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