City of Montgomery Launches New Crime Prevention Department

The number of homicides in Montgomery is already at 64 this year, possibly on track to surpass the 68 homicides recorded in 2020. But the city is finding a new way it hopes to prevent crime by involving people in the community.

In September, when the city council approved the 2022 budget, the city included funding for an Office of Violence Prevention.

“We know that in order to be a wealthy city, we have to be a healthy city,” Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed told Alabama News Network. “We have to make sure this city is a safe city for everyone to live, work and play.”

The new office will study crime trends and data and use different measures to prevent repetitive crimes from happening. To do that, the city is looking for community leaders outside of the police department who have positive connections with the people around them.

People like City Council member Oronde Mitchell and That’s My Child founder Charles Lee, who are both well known, say bringing in people who can relate to residents can help the police department do its job.

The 2022 budget includes funding for three people to be in the department. We have asked the Mayor’s Office who those three people will be, but we have not yet heard back.


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