November Is The Second Severe Weather Season for Alabama

The state of Alabama Historically has two severe weather seasons, in the spring and in the fall.

As we are getting closer to the month of November, we are entering into the second severe weather season which means a possibility for tornado threats in the state.

“November is actually the third highest month for tornado numbers in the state of Alabama, you got march and April, April being first march being second November being third, and really from the end of October through really mid December or even into late December you can have severe weather.” – Riley Blackwell, Meteorologist

We are approaching the 15 year anniversary of the E-F 2 tornado that blew through Atlanta Highway destroying local businesses, one business unable to recover from the devastation.

The Fun Zone was a children’s center behind the main post office that was destroyed, but no one inside was hurt. Because of that, some people call it the “Fun Zone Tornado.” The overall damage was in East Montgomery, around the intersection of Taylor Road and Atlanta Highway. The main post office was damaged. Saddleback Ridge Apartments also sustained damage along with a Dentist office nearby.


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