Special Legislative Session to Re-District Begins

Alabama’s special session on reapportionment is moving along, and some of the proposed maps will bring changes to Montgomery County.

Right now the county is split into three congressional districts, the proposed lines would change that to two congressional districts.

“This makes it better for Montgomery to be two rather than three and Terri Sewell will get more of Montgomery, she’ll be the majority Congress person from Montgomery.” said Political Analyst Steve Flowers.

On the state level, in Montgomery County, the District 74 seat is currently held by Republican Representative Charlotte Meadows.

In the proposed redistricting maps Meadows’ district would become a majority minority district, making it a potential democratic pick up in future elections.

On Thursday, the Republican Caucus discussed the proposed changes in a private meeting.

“There’s some changes and anytime you have changes your going to have people asking questions, i think their concerned and their looking at their district.” says Speaker of the House (R)-Mac McCutcheon.

“It’s just the way you draw the map you have ripple effects all over the state and it just came home right here, ” said Flowers.

“What they found out was that her district when it was drawn 10 years ago was majority white republican, its now majority black democrat, and so its just the difference in the demographics of the city of Montgomery.”

There is evidence that the new district maps will be challenged in court.

Democrats have filed suit in federal courts, to draw and additional Congressional line with a substantial minority population.

They argue that two such districts would better represent the minority population of Alabama, according to 2020 Census data.





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