Selma Clinic Hosts Breast Cancer Awareness Event

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Rural Health Medical Program hosts a breast cancer awareness event Friday morning at the Dallas County Health Center in Selma.

Wal Breastcancer VoOctober Breast-a-Fest highlighted breast health information — along with other women’s health info.

The event featured free food — music — games — prizes — and giveaways.

Organizers say it was an effort to reach out to the community — and educate people about breast cancer.

Resources for screenings were provided — in addition to follow up for people diagnosed with breast cancer.

“We are here today to spread the word out to everyone about breast cancer. And let them know that our clinic helps to support women with breast cancer. We particularly help promote the prevention of breast cancer through mammogram screenings,” said Dr. Sunmi Oyesiku.

COVID vaccination and testing were also available at the event — as well as flu shots.

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