UPDATE: Road Work Nearly Finished in Downtown Wetumpka

Work on Company Street in downtown Wetumpka is nearly finished. It’s a project that started more than three years ago.

The street got international attention earlier this year when it was featured on the HGTV series “Hometown Takeover.” After the TV crews left, the road work started again.

The street now has new raised sidewalks, a roundabout and some widening. Several new businesses have set up shop, thanks to the new surroundings and the new interest the TV show brought to downtown Wetumpka.

Mayor Jerry Willis tells Alabama News Network that the weather has hampered the paving.
“It’s a slow project, but we’ve managed through it, and our businesses have done well. They’ve  survived this, and we want to get it back open where they can benefit from it and run the successful businesses in downtown Wetumpka,” Willis said.
He says the paving will start Monday morning, which should take a couple of days. Then Company Street will be back open to drivers once again.
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