Montgomery Public Schools along with Volkert Inc. Will Host Town Hall Meetings This Week


The Montgomery public School board is planning do have district wide renovations of all of the schools from elementary to high school buildings that need it. Some of the schools in the district have not had any renovations in over 40 years. They plan to host town hall meetings this week to inform parents and the community of the plans for the renovations. Mps Town Hall

The first town hall will be Tuesday night at Lee High School, the second will take place Thursday night at Dannelly Elementary. Officials say they expect Volkert Inc. to present a district wide plan for the renovations to the board of education by December of 2021. They also say that the over all renovations may take up to 4 years from the planning to the over all construction of the schools. Parents are encouraged to attend the meetings. Both Meetings will begin at 5pm.


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