Montgomery Sees Consistent Crime in Certain Areas, Recently

In the last 72 hours there have been five homicides in the city of Montgomery, results in the surpassing of last years homicide rate.

Last year the homicide rate was 68, as of Tuesday Montgomery surpassed it and sits at 69.

Half of the last six crimes in the city have happened either on Carmichael Rd. or Monticello Dr. which are about two miles apart.

“Its never been this infested with this much crime,” said Michelle Luckie, Montgomery resident, “Over here on Carmichael and up and down the East South Blvd, and cross the street, the Race Track, back behind the burger king, it has increased.”

MPD interim police chief, Ramona Harris, says they are seeing a trend in the offenders lately.

“A lot of the crimes were seeing in the Montgomery community are committed by people who know each other,” said Harris, “or those engaged in illegal activity.”

Luckie says she’s seen police cars around the motels on Carmichael Rd. almost everyday now, and is calling on city leaders to do something about it.

“I’m hoping that someone, like the police, city council or mayors office, will shut the hotel down,” says Luckie “Or increase over here or get with the owners of the hotels, and tell them stop the crime or shut the doors.”

Harris says she is calling on other law officials to keep these violent offenders in jail.

“Issue of bonds, when it comes to murder charges. Here in Montgomery we have a 150-thousand dollar bond for murder……” said Harris, “Were asking the judges and judicial system and everybody to step up and help us out with that area and responsibility, as it comes to sentencing and also with these people being incarcerated for periods of time.”

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