Baptist East Hospital Open House for New Women’s Services Expansion

Baptist Medical Center East had an open house for its newly expanded women’s services unit.

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Baptist East is the 3rd highest delivering hospital in the state of Alabama with delivering nearly 5,000 babies each year. The ribbon cutting ceremony allowed everyone to see inside the new floor and rooms. The newly expanded women’s services unit also contains 26 beds for new mothers.

Chief Executive Officer of Baptist Medical Center East Jeff Rains explained that the constructions for the expansion began around the first part of 2020 but had delays due to the pandemic.

“This has been a little bit of a dream for us for a number of years; that quite honestly, was taking a little bit of a back seat due to COVID over the last almost 20 months but it’s a great day to be here to celebrate an expansion of services and it reminds us that healthcare continues and our challenge to meet the needs of healthcare that women of the River Region continues,” stated Rains.

The women’s services unit is on the 3rd floor of the Hospital and is right above the postpartum floor that was opened 5 years ago.

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