Alabama Legislators Pass Vaccine Mandate Exemptions at Close of Special Session

Late Thursday night, the Alabama Legislature passed two bills related to coronavirus vaccines.

The two bills were added to the legislative calendar during a special legislative session on reaaportionment.

Senate Bill 15 (SB15 ) provides that a minor may not receive a COVID-19 vaccine without parental consent.

The bill also prohibits an institute of education from inquiring about a m minor students vaccination status.

The language of the bill calls for enforcement by the Attorney General of Alabama.

Senate Bill 9 (SB9) requires employers or contractors to allow individuals to claim medical or religious exemptions from a coronavirus vaccine.

SB9 also authorizes the state Department of Labor to authorize claims by employers or contractors before terminating an individual on the basis of refusing a vaccine.

Votes on both measures were down party lines.

Over the course of Thursday night, multiple conference committees were called to resolve discrepancies in the legislation.


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