ArtsRevive Hosts 2nd Annual Photographic Nights of Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The city of Selma and ArtsRevive are hosting a photography festival this weekend — that showcases the work of dozens of photographers from around the country.

Los Angeles native Greg Hatton — is one of about 30 photographers who have come to the Queen City — to take part in the 2nd Annual Photographic Nights of Selma.

Wal Selmaphotofest Fox Pkg2“My work is on display. I’m going to be giving a presentation as well. Talking about the photography that I do,” said Hatton.

The second annual event highlights photography as a form of art. And gives photographers another place to showcase their talents.

Sarah Hodges of Hawaii is one of the judges at the event.

“It’s just an amazing event to come out to,” said Hodges. “And just to come out and see what people are creating. And see their perspective.”

The event features photography exhibits and presentations — as well as photographer screenings.

“That includes composed music set to each photographers work. And it’s really brilliantly done,” said ArtsRevive Executive Director Becky Youngblood.

Wal Selmaphotofest Fox PkgFrench photographer Stephne Kossmann co-founded the event together with Selma civil rights foot soldier Joanne Bland.

“What we’re trying to do here is have an international event that will bring more people. And people will stay here for two, three days. They will stay in hotels. They will got to restaurant. And bring some economy also to Selma. That’s the idea,” said Kossmann.

The hope is — to grow the festival into an annual event that inspires photographers — other artists — and people in general.

“If there is something you think you want to do. And you believe you can. You can,” said renowned photographer and Guest of Honor — Frank Jackson.

Exhibits are open at 2 pm and photographer screenings start at 7 — Saturday and Sunday.

For more information — call 334-324-ARTS (2787).

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