Greenville High School Opens Student Run Coffee Shop for Work-Base Learning Program

A couple of Greenville High School teachers wanted to show students a work-base learning program. That’s how the ‘Thirsty Tiger’ was born.

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The ‘Thirsty Tiger’ is an on campus coffee shop run by Greenville High School students. Students working at the coffee shop will learn how to run the register, make the coffees, and stock supplies. The ‘Thirsty Tiger’ will be open during school hours for students, teachers, and visitors.

The Principle of Greenville High School, Jamie Howard, explained that the goal of the coffee shop program is to teach students life skills for the future.

“They will learn soft skills like: we’ll have someone come in that’s going to teach them about interviewing others who want to join the team,” stated Principle Howard. “Like I said, customer service is the most important part and then its just basic day-to-day operations of a small business.”

Visits to the coffee shop will also serve as a positive reward for students who make good grades and exhibit good behavior.

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