Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine for Kids Arrives in Alabama

Alabama health officials say 7 to 8 percent of the states COVID cases are in children aged 5 to 11.

There have even been children hospitalized and on ventilators because of coronavirus.

Now officials are hoping Pfizers children’s vaccine, will bring a victory in the fight against coronavirus.

According to ADPH Area Health Officer Dr. Karen Landers, the formula is the same as the adult and 12 year old version of the vaccine, only in a smaller dose.

“It’s going to be about a third of the dose,’ says Landers. ” It will be a two dose vaccine, separated by about a three week interval.”

Obviously, safety is of utmost concern to parents, and health officials vouch for the children’s vaccines saying it is safe and effective for children age 5 to 11.

” The effectiveness of the vaccine approached well about 90%. At one time in Alabama we have more than 55 kids in the hospital and as many as 9 kids on ventilators, and also parents have to look at  being able to keep kinds in school.” says Dr. Landers.

Health officials say the rare side effect Myocarditis is possible in kids who get covid vaccines, but getting covid is much more of a risk.

Landers says vaccine doses for children are trickling into Alabama right now, and she expects large pharmacy chains to begin administering doses as soon as Saturday, November 6.

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