Parenting Your Parents: Insight from The Belmont Assisted Living Facility

By: Lillian Lalo

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (ALABAMA NEWS NETWORK) – Have you noticed your aging parents or loved ones not being able to take care of daily tasks? Maybe they are even having trouble taking care of themselves. These could be signs it’s time to start looking for an assisted living facility.

Alyssa Potts serves as the Belmont Assisted Living and Senior Care Assistant Administrator. She offers unique insight on ways to help your parents transition easily into an assisted living facility.

“The biggest thing is to introduce it slowly to your loved one. Just bring them in to visit and look around. Don’t just throw them into ‘this is where you’re living.’ Take it slow,” said Potts.

94-Year-Old Betty Morgan has lived at The Bellmont Assisted Living Facility for two years.

“This is my home, and I love it,” Morgan said with tears in her eyes. “I get emotional because I love it so much.”

“We’ve had several that have come in, and they were adamant about not wanting to move from their home. But, once they’ve visited several different times, then they see it this is their home,” said Potts.

Morgan offers this advice to anyone hesitant to move into an assisted living facility or retirement community: “I would saydon’t look back. Look forward. Because you do have another life, this is my second life. I’m living my second life.  I’ve met wonderful people that I didn’t even know existed. I’ve made some precious friends,” Morgan said.

The Belmont Assisted Living facility has an activities director that the residents love. She plans activities like; unique exercises, fishing outings, bowling, ski ball, crafts, and bingo.

“We have lots of recreation. We have a beautiful patio outside. I can look out the window and see the roses blooming. I can go to the patio. We go out and feed the fish,” said Morgan.

The facility offers 24-hour care. All residents are provided with daily room cleaning, laundry service, and three delicious meals.

“The biggest time of socializing is when they go to dinner each evening. They love to stick around even after they’re finished and chitchat and make friends. It’s just like a big old party out in the living room,” said Potts.

“We all love each other. We work together. We play together. We cry together. We have good foodWe go to bed at a reasonable hour. We have wonderful help,” Morgan said.

“They are more of a blessing to all of us than we are to them. They don’t realize it, but they are,” said Potts.

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