Magical Christmas Toy Drive: ASE Credit Union Goes On Shopping Spree

Eight years: That’s how long Alabama News Network’s Magical Christmas Toy Drive has been making a difference.

This year ASE Credit Union is first up to donate. Five ASE employees lined up on a mission To fill these shopping carts with toys from the Chantilly Walmart.

“At ASE we believe in a simple philosophy people helping people and what better time to do that so we’re real happy to participate in the Magic Christmas Toy Drive,” Mike Hart, CEO of ASE, said.

So away we went, stuffing five shopping carts full of toys, for boys and girls up to the age of 12.

Once the toys are collected they’ll be stored in the Magical Christmas Toy Drive toy vault.

“Just coming to help the kids, it’s a lot of fun for us to get out and be shopping and just to help Salvation Army and just to enjoy, and this just helps those kids and have fun doing it at the same time,” Ed McCurdy, Chief Operating Officer of ASE, said.

The mission is to spend $1,000 on toys. ASE Credit Union spent $1,100.

“We’re glad that the Salvation Army is out there, such a worthy mission. We see them during the holidays and we just have to remember that we have an opportunity to help them have a need in the community,” said Mike Hart.

“I think during that holiday time is to find an organization that you can support and to be able to give to other people less fortunate than we are,”  said Ed McCurdy.

The toys will be given to the Salvation Army of Montgomery, which will then be wrapped and delivered to families who’ve fallen on hard times.

The 8th Annual Magical Christmas Toy Drive runs until Friday, December 10, to give the Salvation Army time to collect the toys and get them organized before handing them out to registered families.



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