Health officials urge taking precautions during the holidays

As we approach the second holiday season during the pandemic, more people are planning to gather and travel this year.

AAA is reporting Thanksgiving travel to rebound almost to pre-pandemic levels. Alabama is currently seeing some of the lowest case numbers in the country, but state health officials are concerned that if people don’t take precautions this holiday season this may change.
Alabama State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris advises being careful about getting together in groups of people for an extended period of time, particularly if you don’t know vaccination statuses, if you are susceptible to serious illness, or if you are meeting indoors.
Harris does believe we actually are in a better position than the last holiday season because of the vaccine. He urges people that there is no way to predict another spike, so the best way to protect yourself is to get vaccinated.
“I think its possible for people to enjoy time with their family and do those things they want to do, but there are more safe ways to do it and less safe ways to do it,” Harris said. “We want people to make a good decision and do it as safe as possible.”
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