What the Tech? How to Save Even More Money on Online Shopping

When you think of “online shopping” chances are you think of Amazon. The massive online retailer offers many great deals on millions of items and shipping is free for Prime members.

It’s easy, convenient, and if your credit card is already on file there, it’s so easy you may spend more than you planned.

While you can certainly find great bargains at Amazon other online retailers are working hard to get some of your Christmas business by offering their own massive deals. And sometimes, those deals are better than what you’ll get at Amazon.

Try these tools to get the best price:

1: www.camelcamelcamel.com This free website shows the historical prices for items sold on Amazon. Not only will it give you an idea of how low the price will drop on a given item, but you can also use the site to strategize the best time to buy. I searched for a popular toy this Christmas, a karaoke-type singing machine that is currently on sale for $73 on Amazon. By copying and pasting the URL of that item into the search bar at camelcamelcamel, I saw that this time last year, the very same singing machine dropped to the low price of $50. That’s a good indication that the item may drop nearer to that price on or right around Black Friday. You can also see that retailers selling on Amazon will often raise the price of items just before putting them on sale to make the discounted price more attractive. A sous-vide cooker that is typically around $100 according to camelcamelcamel, spiked to over $129 before going on sale as a “lightning deal” at $79 earlier this week.

2: www.gethoney.com Honey is a website, app, and browser extension that searches for discount codes. If you add the Chrome or Mozilla extension, Honey works in the background and when you visit a website, it automatically searches for codes that can discount the final price by 5%-25%. Honey also shows you an item’s historic price on a chart to easily see how much and when the item was discounted. Honey also compares prices across the internet, not just Amazon.

3: Since Google is the king of all things search, it’s a good idea to check www.shopping.google.com You can search for the name of a product or browse categories or departments to find the best deals being advertised online. A 10″ digital picture frame from
Nixplay is currently listed for $176 on Amazon and $186 on Walmart.com. But Google Shopping also showed me if you purchase directly from www.nixplay.com, the price is just $142.

4: www.rakuten.com This popular website and app offer cash-back when you click a link. Here’s how it works: when the Rakuten browser extension is installed on a computer, whenever you visit a retailer a banner pops up offering a cashback offer. Just click on that banner and Rakuten takes you back to the online store where you left off. When you purchase something, Rakuten puts that cashback offers into your account and when it reaches a certain level, you’ll receive a check.

5: www.retailmenot.com This is another very popular website and app that searches for discount codes and compares prices across the internet. Retailmenot also works with a smartphone app for when you visit a store in person. By giving the app permission to track you, when you enter a store with offers, retailmenot will send you a code to earn cashback.

There are bargains everywhere online, the challenge is finding them all. Using these tools and shopping around could save you hundreds of dollars this holiday season.


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