Thanksgiving Food Giveaways Held in Dallas Co.

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Dallas County community is working together to make sure area families kick off the holiday season with a happy Thanksgiving.

It’s the fourth year the Sheriff’s Office and Northside Baptist Church have coordinated a Thanksgiving food drive and giveaway.

77 year old Joseph Barker says if it wasn’t for the kindness of people in the Selma-Dallas County community — he wouldn’t have very much to put on the table for Thanksgiving dinner.

Wal Dcsoturkey Fox Pkg2“I sho’ll wouldn’t. I definitely wouldn’t,” said Barker.

“It’s impossible for anybody to go to the grocery store and buy meat on a certain income when you got bills to pay.”

Barker’s family is one of about thirty that were given Thanksgiving meals — with a Butterball Turkey. In addition to enough food for about eight more meals.

“We have pasta in there, we have canned soups, we have cereal, oatmeal, grits, flour, sugar,” said Kathy Smith with Northside Church.

“Everybody thinks we’re doing a lot for them. But we get a lot more out of it than they do. I promise you,” said Sheriff Mike Granthum.

Wal Dcsoturkey Fox Pkg“It just gives you that fuzzy feeling inside that you’re able and you’re fortunate enough to help someone else.”

The Selma Area Food Bank gave hundreds of other families — 50 lbs of healthy food for Thanksgiving.

“Fifty pounds of food will go a long way. If you use it and prepare it properly, you can feed a lot of folks for a while with that. So, we’re just blessed that we’re able to do it,” said SAFB Executive Director Jeff Harrison.

“This really is a blessing for me,” said Barker.

“That help me a whole lot.”

Congresswoman Terri Sewell — Son Light Center — and Gospel Tabernacle Church are having a Thanksgiving food giveaway Tuesday in Selma.

It’ll be at Bloch Park from 3 pm to 5 pm.

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