Supply Chain Issues May Affect The Price Of Your Thanksgiving Meal

As grocers in our community are having trouble getting all the turkeys, canned soups, produce and more that they need because of supply chain issues, your Thanksgiving may not be spared from price of inflation that we’re seeing in the economy.

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year for Pepper Tree Steaks and Wine in Montgomery as customers place orders for pre-prepared holiday meals. This year has been especially hectic, as people are making plans to gather with family once again and as supply chain issues continue to impact our economy.

“We ran into an issue with certain meats, and we ran into issues with certain packages,” Rod Rudolph Pepper Tree Steaks and Wine General Manager said. “That was one of our biggest issues was packages. If you cant put in a package then we can’t sell it.”

Some grocers are limiting Thanksgiving items, including Winn Dixie who is allowing only one turkey per customer.

In a statement to Alabama News Network the chain said,

“Like other retailers, our stores aren’t immune to the current supply chain challenges… We are politely asking customers to only purchase what they need for their families while shopping for key holiday items.”

For local stores this has meant finding alternative distributors and planning ahead.

“We’re rolling with the punches and making sure we get the stuff that we need,” Rudolph said.

But for you, this could mean your thanksgiving meal may hurt your pockets. The American Farm Bureau Federation is reporting the average cost to feed 10 people is increasing 14 percent this year.

And, if you are planning to hit the store at the last minute you may be out of luck. Pepper Tree Steaks and Wine put a cap on their pre-prepared meal service so they wouldn’t run out of supplies.

“This year a lot of people are ordering a lot of food,” Rudolph said. “I hate to turn down business but I’m sorry.”


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